What is SoccerEdge?

SoccerEdge is a 10' bungee cord secured in the ground by a spiral, 'cork screw' stake at one end, and a net into which you insert any size soccer ball at the other.

You can then practice kicking your soccer ball and it will return to you to be kicked again via the bungee.

The Benefits Are Obvious. Having such a tool enables you to focus work on three of the most troublesome aspects of the game for young players: shot power, accuracy and control, and the weaker foot.

You can get an intense workout on these areas in a short amount of time and do so whenever you want on your own without the need of a team or a coach or a fellow player.

You can use SoccerEdge on a field or in your own backyard. Other skills can also be practiced such as corner kicks, penalty kicks, throw-ins and goal kicks.

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